Free lunch at Chi-square on December 32: Stupid Google and Microsoft

You are lucky to find this post that we are going to have free lunch at Chi-square on December 32.

Microsoft Word 2007 has an intelligent function which can discover and tag locations in your word document. Here is what I get from a document about statistics. The term Chi-square was mistakenly recognized as a place like Ghirardelli Square on San Francisco Bay.


Here we something even more interesting. Take a look at the following picture which comes from an email in my gmail inbox. Note that the title is “BUCLD 32 decision”. Gmail automatically recognized that as an event “BUCLD ision” on the day “Dec 32”. And according to Google, December 32 is Tuesday. The interesting part is that the word “decision” was separated to “Dec” and “ision” to be recognized as a date.


I don’t know much as artificial intelligence and machine learning. But I can be sure that these are not what we have in the two fields. All these tell us is that we still far away from a better understanding of human learning and AI.


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