Check Engine light off by itself

The check engine light has been on for few days. I went to Autozone, loaned a OBDII tool, checked and then erased the code. There are two codes. Suddenly the check engine light turned off by itself. Haven’t had time to look into this.

Manufacturer control fuel air metering

Evap emission control system leak (large)

some details
Engine RPM 742
Load value 15.6%
Coolant temp 199F
Short term fuel trim 1 -147%
Long term fuel trim 1 0.7%
Short term fuel trim 3 -100.6%
Long term fuel trim 3 -100.6%
Speed 0
Fuel sys 1 clsd

Update: Check Engine light on again (May 3)


2 thoughts on “Check Engine light off by itself

  1. Thanks for letting me know. I have heard from a BMW service staff that it’s not unusual that the check engine light will go off by itself and it’s a not big deal. So I haven’t went to mechanic shop for a inspect.

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