Desktoplize web applications

I was looking for a windows desktop application host of Remember the milk (RTM), a popluar online Todo service. I didn’t find any good app but Prism by Mozilla labs which takes a very different approach to task. The basic idea is to come up with a general desktop platform so any web app can be ported to desktop. This is what I thought about. It’s good that some other people have already started implementing this, but still in beta.

Back to RTM, if you installed Prism and set the URL to (found at, you can use RTM just like a desktop.

For me, I have been using some web app daily, including RTM, google calendar, google reader, blog. It’d be really great to use them like desktop applications rather than open everything in a web browser.

Although Prism comes with a good idea, there still are some basic desktop application features need to be added, like hot keys, alway on top, minimize/close to tray, stack all web app in one tray icon.



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