Some Font Resources

When I was trying to figure out what is the font in this graph which appears in a syntax book published by Blackwell, I found some good font resources.

1. A font recognizer web site

2. Palatino – A good font for printing and reading. It’s also the one used in the graph above.

3. A large collection of fonts – Adobe Font Folio 11.


5 thoughts on “Some Font Resources

  1. Zapf’s very similar Palladio (supposedly produced after a falling-out with Linotype) is part of the set of fonts URW(++?) open-sourced. As such it is available without cost and is already present in or packaged for many popular Linux distributions. (TTF conversions are also available — search for urwfonts-ttf — but the common set is internationalized and I’ve had trouble getting things like the em-dash to match up.)

    Unfortunately, as some have discovered, the Palladio fonts can pose a bit of a challenge when used for display. Part of this was due to hinting bugs in the fonts themselves (see ), so make sure you have the latest versions; the rest can be down to the vagaries of font rendering engines.

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