Dell P2715Q and Mac mini 2011

I have been using a Mac mini Mid 2011 with a 26 inch Samsung monitor that I bought more than half a decade ago. However, after having spent so much time with the “retina” screen of iPhone and latest Macbook as well as the Dell P2715Q 4K monitor at work, I felt so bad when staring at the old 1080p Samsung monitor every night at home. So I decided to upgrade it to a 4K monitor. I have some research on two aspects:

  1. Whether the Mid-2011 Mac mini can drive a 4k monitor. There were several online posts/articles describing installing some third party software to enable the 4K resolution but it is doable.
  2. Which 4K monitor to buy. As I wanted a larger screen, I was hoping to find a good 28 inch 4K monitor with IPS panel. In the end, it looks like none of the 28 inch ones is satisfying after reading many reviews.

Eventually I went with the Dell P2715Q, since it is the one I am using at work and I know it is really good. I can’t and I don’t want to bear the difference between the home and work monitors. I plugged it in using the display cable that came with the monitor. It works amazingly well at 30Hz. I don’t have to install any other software (btw, it is running OS X Yosemite). The default resolution is sharp and bright. The only negative thing is a little mouse lag, which is bearable until the next good Mac mini model is released. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend upgrading to 4K.2017-01-22-21-40-00


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